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If you’re looking for the way to renovate or improve your property, we offer numerous services customized to help you bring your dreams to life. These are among the services we provide in Brooklyn, NY.

Sidewalk Repair and Replacement

Does your sidewalk need renovations because of chips, cracks, or uneven surfaces? Our team is equipped with the tools required to improve the look and functionality of your sidewalk. You don’t want anyone to trip while walking on your sidewalk, and our service ensures quick repairs affordably. If the concrete damage is extensive because of wear over time or an accident causing severe damage, you can replace the sidewalk completely. Talk to us and we’ll visit your property to inspect the damage and advice on the best repairs to restore your sidewalk. Before we recommend replacement, we always try a repair first. Only after establishing a repair would not suffice will our team opt for sidewalk replacement.

In addition to repair and replacement, you can also hire our services if you want to install a new sidewalk. You can expand your walkway or make additional walking paths. Contact us to discuss your issues and we’ll give you a free estimate, which you can access online.

Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is a perfect solution if you want to handle water drainage, control erosion issues, and manage runoff. The walls are typically made from natural stone and provide a level of definition to sections of your landscape where you need the installation most. You can also use a retaining wall for aesthetic value, besides functionality. When you begin working on a project like this, it’s important to assign the work to a professional service. Through our retaining wall service, we offer repair services and also tear out old walls and features to install a perfect wall that merges seamlessly with your landscape design. Our team collaborates with you in the design process to ensure the results meet your needs and expectations. We offer professional retaining wall services for residential and commercial properties, and we can work with different materials, including manufactured stone, landscaping ties, railroad ties, natural stone, and concrete blocks.

All these include options in design aesthetics and color choice, giving you the right match for your flower bed or landscape. Besides the installation, we also provide consultation on the placement of retaining walls and the best ways to incorporate drainage solutions into the draining wall to enhance functionality and save space.

Masonry Repair

Nothing will stand permanent forever. The same applies to your masonry, which requires maintenance from time to time. Our team comes with the expertise required to deal with different types of renovation, construction, and repair works. Whether you want to cosmetically upgrade your home or add amenities to your property, our masonry services provide everything you need.

For projects like this, it’s important to work with a licensed masonry contractor. Our company is licensed to offer masonry services in Brooklyn, and we commit our professional practice to satisfy your expectations. Get renovation services that will stand the test of time. Call us now to get a free quote.

Concrete Installation/Repair

If concrete around your property is cracked, it can pose a problem as it becomes a safety hazard, which could also lower your property value. When this happens, it’s important to engage a professional. We use modern technology and strategies to effectively level, lift, seal, and protect concrete in your office building or home.

Our concrete installation and repair service in Brooklyn includes:

 Concrete leveling

 Cracked concrete

 Concrete sealant

 Concrete resurfacing

Talk to use to get affordable repair services. Learn more about our services, and also get a free quote if you want to plan your project.

Patio Installation

We also install patios in homes. Whether you want to replace an old patio or create a new patio, we have the skills and experience to help. Our expert team provides a well-planned construction solution that we can complete on time within your budget. We use our extensive experience in landscape constriction to install beautiful patios, driveways, walkways, fire pits, and retaining walls. We are fully insured, and we own heavy equipment, which helps us execute projects more accurately and efficiently.

Cement Work

We have a team that specializes in concrete yards, patios, outdoor rooms, sidewalks, stamp concrete, and basements. Contact us if you want to install sidewalks of any size, to level a concrete floor or replace damaged floor, and repair or install a concrete yard. We also offer stucco, waterproofing, hardscaping, and pattern or design concrete.

Contact us now to talk about your project. Also, get an estimate online.