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Choose brooklyn paving as your preferred partner, your parking lot installation and repair needs will be streamlined. We offer an array of services, including pothole repairs and line stripping. 

Maintaining your parking lot will not be just another problem to deal with, but can function like a properly managed and effective program that can be completed with ease at a competitive rate. 

We’re leading paving contractors in Brooklyn for asphalt paving, utilizing our experience and knowledge to take care of your paving projects, including new asphalt construction, asphalt resurfacing, crack filling, pothole repairs, and parking lot maintenance.

Call us to discuss your needs and also get an estimate. We will also visit your site to understand site-specific factors that can affect the project.


As one of the leading paving contractor Brooklyn, we offer asphalt maintenance services to keep your paving in perfect condition. Because of strength, durability, and cost-effectiveness, asphalt paving is preferred for many applications. This is the material of choice for parking lots as it can withstand heavy loads. If maintained properly, asphalt pavements can last many years.

It’s important to have a pavement maintenance plan that includes routine inspections and preventative maintenance. Among the services we offer to help you maintain your pavement include, asphalt repair and patching. 

This is common on areas with potholes, which can occur when water seeps into your pavement through cracks. 

We fill the affected areas to prevent further damage to your asphalt pavement.

Asphalt Removal & Replacement

While an asphalt pavement progresses through its lifecycle, its appearance will diminish. Hairline cracks will spread and can deepen over time within the asphalt. Without maintenance, water will enter through these cracks and form holes, which undermines the substrate. In a case like this, the preferred form of repair is removing and replacing the deteriorated section of the pavement. 

If you’re looking for paving companies Brooklyn, we understand the correct restoration process to keep your pavement in the best shape.

The removal process includes several steps that help to ensure the repair is done properly. The cost to remove and replace asphalt depends on your geographical location and the grading work required. 

Crack Sealing

This is a preventative maintenance procedure that gives you several benefits if you want to protect your pavement against deterioration. Through effective crack sealing, you can keep water from entering the base of the asphalt. Some of the benefits of crack sealing include extending the life of your pavement, preventing sand and dirt from entering into the open cracks and causing stresses, and preserving your pavement adjacent to the cracks.

Seal Coating

This is also a preventive maintenance procedure that helps to protect and prolong the life expectancy of a parking lot. The sealcoat consists of asphalt cement mixture or coal tar pitch, additives, water, and emulsifying agents. The substance is applied in thin coats and can protect a pavement surface against salt, water, oil, and ultraviolet rays. When coated, the pavement looks new and can project a positive image of your facility or residential complex. Contact us for any paving services in Brooklyn.