Concrete Company in Brooklyn, NY

Concrete is a common material in the construction industry. Our team is trained and equipped with special tools to work with concrete and install walkways, retaining walls, and other concrete masonry services you might need. If you want to get started with a new project, call us for a quote and insight on how to go about the project.

We offer a variety of services involving concrete, including concrete resurfacing, concrete sealant, cracked concrete, and concrete leveling. Talk to us to get concrete installation and repair services on your schedule. Our contractors will explore your project and offer tips to make your dream a success.

Cracked Concrete

Part of concrete replacement and repair includes working on cracked concrete. This could include sidewalk repair because of cracks, which often happen when part of a concrete slab sinks into soil that has washed away or compressed. Once cracks occur, moisture will seep in and worsen the crack. Other reasons for the cracks include:

 Dry soil: The soil under the concrete shrinks, dries, and creates a void, causing the concrete to crack, especially when weight is applied.

 Poor-quality concrete mix: If the concrete pouring includes too much water, it can cause the slab to be weak when it dries.

 Wear and tear: Foot traffic and accidents can decrease your concrete driveways lifespan.

We offer solutions for any cracked concrete. Our service is superior to traditional repair and we apply methods that guarantee you long-lasting results. Concrete Leveling In many states, sinking concrete is a common problem. This often happens if the soil beneath is not compact enough, causing the concrete to sink when under pressure. Also, soil that’s too wet can cause concrete to sink. To address this problem in your patio or driveway, we use high-quality cement and proven polyurethane foam injection solution, which brings your concrete foundation appearance and stability back to life. This solution offers different benefits, including quick installation, adjustable for different load sizes, non-invasive installation, and accurate for clean results.

Concrete Resurfacing

Your curbing requires frequent inspection, especially if the concrete is in an area that gets a lot of traffic. Sometimes, you don’t need to replace cracked or broken concrete. Removal is only recommended if the concrete cannot be repaired. Instead of going through all the costly installation services, we help you restore your worn out concrete. We use durable polymer cement, which seals cracks in a simple process that restores the polishing.

Stamped Concrete

Like concrete staining, you need to hire professionals to install stamped concrete, which comes with many benefits. Some of the reasons to consider stamped concrete for your home or office include that it’s more affordable than pavers, natural stone, or brick. It gives you the same effect as we can install different designs to mimic some materials like natural stone. Also, you can get many patterns, which is an opportunity to improve the appearance of your driveway or patio. There are many colors you can integrate while working with stamped concrete.

Talk to us about your upcoming project for any advice you need on concrete installation and repair.