Masonry Contractors

Masonry Company in Brooklyn, NY

If you’re looking for brick and stone masons in Brooklyn, our team offers experience and the capacity to install and repair different types of structures. While planning a new project that requires a brick mason, it’s important to hire a professional team to help in the planning and implementation process. Our bricklayers Brooklyn have been in the business for many years, earning the skills and experience required to provide excellent masonry services. If you’re considering consulting an expert or want to get started with a construction project, talk to our team for assistance on anything about masonry construction.

Brick Masonry

Brick work is one of the most important parts of masonary. It’s one of the services that can easily transform your project. Often, the shape and size of bricks used are uniform, which makes it easy to create a magnificent structure. Also, the bricks are lightweight and ideal for different projects, and they’re easy to transport, so the cost will be easy to handle. You should also consider Brooklyn masonry because brick walls are thinner, and the units can be held together with different types of mortar. This makes it easy to make openings for doors and windows, and the cost is reduced because bricks leave thinner joints.

However, bricks don’t have strong resistance against torsion loans or tension, which means you should not use the material in a location that experiences seismic activity often. We can review your location to advice on the right masonry approach to ensure a solid construction.

Stone Masonry

Besides offering services as a brick contractor, you can also contact us if you want a stone mason. Stone masonry is durable and weather resistant because of the natural ability of the material. This is recommended if you’re working on a building that expects high foot traffic, as stone does not dent or bend. One of the key advantages of stone work is that it results in great aesthetics. You can choose from a variety of textures, colors, and sizes, giving you endless possibilities. Besides, stone masonry does not require heavy maintenance and repairs because of the durability of the material.

Concrete Block Masonry

Concrete blocks are resistant against mold, weather, pests, and fire. In most cases, you can find the material locally, so you don’t need to incur much in transportation costs. The units are often manufactured to meet set project requirements, and some of the blocks are made of recycled materials. Besides, concrete blocks offer excellent insulating properties against sound, heat, and moisture.

Brick Pointing

Another reason you might want to work with our masons in Brooklyn is to repair mortar joints. Brick pointing is a maintenance process which includes a techniques that allows you to repair mortar joints and other masonry elements. When it ages, mortar joints disintegrate and crack, so we remove the defective mortar using special tools and replace it with fresh mortar of the same composition to retain the integrity of the structure.

Get started with your project today. Call us for insights and ideas on any masonry work you want done on your property.